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Lower Prince of Wales Park Flooding

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On 4th February 2013, extreme heavy rain created torrents of water that came down the slopes of the Town Belt to hit the south-west corner of Lower Prince of Wales Park, where the weed-choked stream did little to contain the situation. The water came over the park and gained momentum as it surged down the ramp and steps, and crashed over the new retaining wall. Water from all sides converged in a swirling mass at the end of Salisbury Terrace.


Eleven months earlier, in March 2012, a similar case of extreme heavy rain had followed the same route.


Below are some videos and photos taken by Salisbury Terrace residents.


On 13 February 2013 a group of Mt Cook locals who have been watching the water movements at the park and at Papawai Reserve met with Council staff, Capacity staff and Cr Iona Pannett..  Both Capacity and Wellington City Council have been aware of the problems and have been remediating various aspects of the drainage system over some years. A bund, or 1.2 metre mound, will be added to the edge of the stream, to make it more effective in future.  This work is scheduled for February 2013. The meeting was a good opportunity for local knowledge to meet water engineering expertise and Council parks objectives to keep the park open as much as possible over the winter.


Enjoy the videos and pics...







Flood water flowing from the lower field down the bank and onto the road up to the changing rooms


Flooding on the field beside the changing rooms.


Where the flood waters meet at the end of Salisbury Tce. On the left is the road coming down from the changing rooms. Directly ahead is the gravel road down to Papawai Park.


Where the flood waters meet at the end of Salisbury Tce. On the upper left corner is the road coming down from the changing rooms. The upper right corner is the gravel road down to Papawai Park.


Clearing weed out of the stream on teh western side of the lower field. As soon as this weed was cleared water stopped flowing across the field and the flooding at the end of Salisbury Tce ended.


Flood water swirling down the drain on the concrete pad



The pathway from lower Prince of Wales Park to Salisbury Terrace



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