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Paddy Burgin

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Paddy Burgin and The Wooden Box Band are Mt Cook based Paddy Burgin, Tom Callwood, Justin Clarke and Bruce McNaught. Paddy Burgin is a musician and luthier (guitar maker) whose instruments are made in his Mt Cook workshop and played all over the world.  (www.burginguitars.co.nz) Hear Paddy play a doubleneck weissenborn (lap guitar)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYKliPVJU1A


New CD - My Sweet Town


The band's new CD/DVD My Sweet Town is a collection of twelve original songs and instrumentals, many of them celebrating the character of Mt Cook, with lots of photos of the Mt Cook area in the CD cover booklet too.  The track The Big Parade was inspired by the procession along the streets of Wellington to inter the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior outside the Hall of Memories (under the Carillon).


The CD was laid down by the band at Level Two Studios in Wellington, using acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, double bass, cajoun (wooden percussion box), harmonica, grand piano, weissenborn and resophonic slide guitars and vox. 


The CD of My Sweet Town has a companion one hour DVD of the band's concert at the Wellington School of Philosophy last year, filmed and edited by Costa Botes.


My Sweet Town is for sale at Slow Boat Records on the counter, and Real Groovy , $35 for the CD & DVD set.


Just for fun 


This youtube clip starring a Mt Cook Mobilised t-shirt, features Paddy and friends at Molly Molones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YR36JwaCPk

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