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PUBLIC MEETING - 21 August 2007

Page history last edited by Geoff Stone 14 years, 5 months ago


Goals for the meeting


  • Show there is a critical mass of residentst interested in the future of their neighbourhood
  • Identify most problematic issues for Mt Cook residents and some main reasons for these 
  • Identify important principles that apply or should apply to the development of Mt Cook
  • Identify most promising options (in response to the above)  
  • Identify ways of engaging with main decision-makers   
  • Demonstrate good process - people having a say, having fun, feeling hopeful, have things they can do after the meeting   
  • Assess the energy and mandate for an onging residents group



Meeting results



Propose meeting format


Meeting activities Time Notes
Opening from meeting chair plus statements from organising group (Geoff & Iona) 10 mins  
Speakers (outlining proposals, issues) 25 mins  
Questions 20 mins  
Break out groups - discussing "questions that matter" - see discussion themes 40mins  
Summarising/feeding back finding from groups 10 mins  
Resolutions 10 mins  
Closing 5 mins  




  1. John Morrison - Sketching a picture of Mt Cook, the suburbs historical, heritage and other notable characteristics
  2. Brodie Stubbs - Ministry of Culture and Heritage, on the Memorial Park development
  3. Gabrielle O'Brien - Mt Cook School Board, on the school's experience and expectations of urban development
  4. Ernst Zolner - Wellington City Council, an urban planning and design perspective
  5. Scott Wilson - TSW swim school and the fate of Mt Cook's pool


Expectations of speakers

  • Opening from the Chair - Welcome, meeting structure and housekeeping, say how the meetin came about
  • First speaker - focus people on notable Mt Cook features and historical aspects
  • Subsequent speakers - Precis important developments, issues and desired outcomes and highlight opportunities


NB. bearing in mind the main reasons why people have come together for this meeting - see the weblog here and here and the wiki


Speaker guides

  • Each speaker has 5 minutes to talk.  The presentation is tightly focused to set the scene for discussion. There will be time for questions
  • We suggest usings up to 5 PowerPoint  slides to talk to (more are OK if a number of images are needed as quick examples).  These will be compiled into Powerpoint slide show beforehand.  Please send here by Friday 17th or call 021 204-3678 to make an alternative arrangement.  If the file is too big to email (more than 2MB) please send your file to mtcookmobilised@gmail.com using the TransferBIGfiles service
  • Bringing further information is encouraged.  This will go up on this wiki and can be distributed on the night.
  • Speakers can also put together a display that illustrates key points and describes opportunities for public input.  Please let use know if this is your intention by Friday 17th so we can discuss your requirements, by email or phone 021 204-3678


Significant institutions attending


  • Foodstuffs (proposing a supermarket development on the BGI site) - Wayne O'Styke
  • Progressive Enterprises (proposing a supermarket on the Bunning site) ...
  • Massey University ...
  • Mt Cook School - Sandy McCallum, Principal, Gabrielle O'Brien, Chair of the Mt Cook School Board
  • Ministry of Culture and Heritage - Brodie Stubbs, Operations Manager
  • Progressive (proposing a supermarket on the Bunnings site)
  • Transit ...
  • Wellington High School ...
  • Wellington City Council (planning staff and Councillors) - Ernst Zolner, Gerald Blunt, Ian McKinnon, Helene Ritchie, Celia Wade Brown, ...




Goals for discussion

  • Involve everyone   
  • Identify what people appreciate - assets to be preserved or sensitively developed, what is concerning - problems to be clarified and resolved, and promising resolutions or possibilities
  • Identify important guiding principles or values for the development of Mt Cook


Discussion themes

The following themes will be help "frame" discussion so that no matter what the concern, interest or passion of participants, there are some consistent ways of making sense and reporting back key "findings" from the meeting.

CHARACTER - the look and feel of a place (emphasising the "built" environment)


COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT - retail, services, apartments


LOCAL FACILITIES / AMENITIES - parks, schools, gyms, pool


TRANSPORT - getting around, parking


HEALT AND SAFETY - things affecting our people's health and physical wellbeing



CULTURE - the social environment


PARTICIPATION - feeling included / influential in decision-making








Media statements

As per information on the weblog post Developments in Mt Cook - invitation to a public meeting 







Mtcookmobilised blog entry



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