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Question 1 The vision

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Question 1. Do you support the overall vision outlined in the Draft Adelaide Road Framework?


The long-term vision for the Adelaide Road growth area is


A high quality mixed-use area that is a more vibrant, attractive, better connected, accessible and safer place for all people living in, working in, and using the area.


See diagrams illustrating Councils vision, ''based on the results of the community 'inquiry by design' workshop held in March/April 2008''.



Mt Cook Mobilised initial response - support for the overall vision


YES YES, subject to changes NO NOT SURE


Are there any changes you think should be made?


Yes, refer to social use and meeting social needs.  "Vibrancy" doesn’t necessarily cover this as it often refers to economic activity.  The document is light on how an increased population density has human service and social implications, although we recognize that this gets a mention in SOCIAL NETWORK actions 16 & 17.  We suggest the wording of the vision be amended to read:  “…..accessible and safer place which meets social needs for all people living in…….”


Also Council needs to attempt to define "high quality area" and describe examples to ensure this term is meaningful.  As residents we want to be able to be able to recognise a "high quality mixed-use area" when we see it, and to be working with Council, landowners and developers to ensure this is what we get in Mt Cook.  Specific suggestions in responses to subsequent questions are intended to strengthen the approaches taken by the Council to ensure the vision and framework are actually achieved.


Add further comments please


Mt Cook residents, please add your comments and suggestions using the 'Comments' button at the top of this page by 7 October 2008.  We'll do our best to incorporate your contribution into the final Mt Cook Moblised submission.


The Comments button looks like this ...



Navigating around this submission


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Adelaide Road vision - images


From the WCC Draft Adelaide Road Framework (3.32Mb PDF)




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