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Question 2 (b) Outcome 2 Social and Community Networks

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Question 2. Do you support the key outcomes and initiatives identified in the Draft Adelaide Road Framework?


(b) Outcome 2: Strengthening the local community.



Mt Cook Mobilised initial response to Outcome 2.


Strongly agree agree no opinion disagree  disagree strongly




Community facilities

The framework has a community facility dimension but this is not strong, given the 75% increase envisaged in the population.    The final plan should require the Council to ensure adequate community facilities, and not just propose considering the community’s social needs.


It is also important that Council have an ongoing ‘community development’ or ‘community organising’ role that goes beyond influencing the built environment, and the provision of transport, facilities and public spaces.   Mt Cook could have a social infrastructure like Aro Valley and Newtown (e.g. community coordinator, linked to spaces and facilities for community organizations and activities).


We support the proposal to ensure access for everyone to existing community facilities, but there are very few such facilities in the area.  The Council needs to establish further facilities, and could strengthen this by supporting interaction between residents and major local institutions eg Massey, social housing complexes, to achieve efficient shared use of such facilities.


Add further comments please


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Relevant background information from WCC


From the WCC Draft Adelaide Road Framework (3.32Mb PDF), p16


The Adelaide Road growth area has a diverse demographic and ethnic composition and a growing residential population. The area has a high proportion of student housing, some social housing, a strong Pacific community, and a large daytime-worker and youth population. The community fabric is physically separated by institutional land and further constrained by a lack of accessible connections. Good-quality public spaces will assist in improving connections and will help provide for community and social needs.


Key concepts

  • improving safety by encouraging Adelaide Road to develop as a vibrant ‘go-to’ destination, a mix of uses and active street frontages
  • creating a network of local micro-scale public spaces where people can meet and interact eg Drummond  Street upgrade
  • promoting existing community facilities and ensuring accessibility for everyone
  • considering the community and social needs of the Adelaide Road/Mt Cook area and aligning with  Council’s work programme including the Community Facilities Review
  • investigating partnership opportunities with other organisations and agencies, eg Massey University, Housing NZ, Basin Reserve Trust.




Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 11:13 pm on Oct 3, 2008

Agree that there are few facilities and no natural "centre" to the suburb. The Council does have an opportunity to develop a Council lead community focus without simply leaving it up to developers with their own interests at heart. Best to work in with the instututions in the area to provide for shared facilities and activities.

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