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Question 5 Other comments or suggestions

Page history last edited by Geoff Stone 11 years, 10 months ago

Question 5.  Do you have any other comments or suggestions to make on the draft Framework?




Prioritise Social Network considerations

Prioritise a Social Network study so that there is a prospect of purpose-designed buildings and thoughtful location of social spaces and services rather than a retrofit of “people to place”


'Good practice' design and development guidelines

We particularly want to urge that examples are identified and guidelines developed to demonstrate 'good practice' across a wider range of the issues encompassed in the proposals?  These could supplement the formal requirements that will end up in the District Plan, and be useful to community members, home-owners, developers and commercial occupants.[1]


Evaluate as development progresses

See comments made in relation to Question 3. and 4.


What we liked

  • The thought that has gone into the proposals and the consultation process that has been undertaken
  • The de-emphasising of retail activities and thereby maintaining Newtown as a retail hub
  • The more realistic estimates of likely residential units/population
  • The Drummond and Douglas Streets green space/walkway improvements.


Add further comments please


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Relevant background information from WCC


From the WCC Draft Adelaide Road Framework (3.32Mb PDF)


  1. Here are some guides and case-studies provided by way of example - Whole Building Design / Whole Building Design Guide, http://www.wbdg.org/wbdg_approach.php and Case Studies / Whole Building Design Guide, http://www.wbdg.org/references/casestudies.php NB. We note the Newtown Residents Association refer to a design guide that is linked to the District Plan, but this is less applicable to the growth spine concept envisaged by Council. See also Generative Code Approach and examples of participatory community centred design, http://www.livingneighborhoods.org/ht-0/generative.htm

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